Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The last 10 days... life is crazy ... as usual.

Sunday am - teach Sunday School, Soar Heartland report
Sunday pm - 20th birthday party for Kathrin, here
Monday am - ship some kids off in order to prepare for birthday party
Monday pm - birthday party for Abby with her friends
Tuesday am - Sasha at preschool, clean up party mess
Wednesday am - madly going through stuff to take to the rummage sale, get a call from the school, there's been an accident on the playground, Sam wants me, get all the rummage packed up and head to town, pick up Sam from school and head over to the clinic to see if he's okay
Wednesday pm - Sam is not okay, his leg is broken just above the knee, need to take him to Saskatoon to get casted, don't get home until midnight
Thursday - supposed to go to Bible study, I skip it 'cause I'm brain dead - need to take care of my son
Thursday evening - son #2 has a major blowout - I go for a walk in the cold in my slippers cause Im so stressed
Friday noon - niece, boyfriend and nephew arrive to spend the weekend.
Friday evening - all other adults leave the building for the youth group progressive supper, I stay home and referee fights end up playing computer games and watching a movie with niece and nephew late into the night
Saturday - try to do some laundry, get ready for baby shower in the evening, hang out with my niece and make cards
Saturday evening - host baby shower here
Sunday morning - passover with sunday school, Mexico mission trip report, potluck lunch at church
Sunday evening - host family birthday supper for Abby and Kathrin at our house
Monday - Kelly takes kids to dentist appointments in the city - I start working on the farm books - dad comes over to help, we realize there is a problem
Tuesday - continue to work on books with dad, there is still a problem
Tuesday evening - volunteer interview at church, quit doing farm books and play Ticket to Ride (much more enjoyable)
Wednesday - Kelly takes Sam to the city for follow up appointments, I will try to sort out the problem in the farm books
Thursday - I will go to school with sam so he can participate in the Kids Convention

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Painting of the House

The painting is finished and here are all the pics. We all love the change and finally feel like this house is really ours. Above is the computer station. All those shelves have finally organized an extremely 'hot' spot in our house, we're really enjoying this space. The counter top was a little God thing. I had 5 minutes to find that counter top at the ReStore, pay for it and get it loaded into my van - and we did it!

The Kitchen

Picture 1
At first I was a little concerned our kitchen would look like McDonalds but obviously it doesn't. It looks great! This is what you see when you walk in our front door. We were considering painting the cupboards since they were so dark but after the yellow was on it really drew out the golden tones in the cupboards, so they'll stay the way they are!

Picture 2
We painted and recovered our ugly chairs and they look soooooooooooo fabulous, this pic doesn't do them justice. We also recovered the benches in the breakfast nook. I used over 1000 staples doing those chairs and benches - it was so worth it. The fabric was a God-thing. I walked into Fabricland, saw one of my friends who works there, stopped to talk to her and told her why I was there, we looked down, saw this roll of fabric and I knew it was the one. It was also 70% off! I was in and out in about 15 minutes - probably my quickest fabric shop trip ever!!

Picture 3
You probably can't see the details on this wall because it's pretty subtle, but the word 'life' is painted on in 10 different languages. The cart was another gift from God. We wanted to take out one cupboard that blocked the kitchen and took up too much counter space so we needed to get something to hold those dishes. We decided on a cart but figured we were going to have to fork out quite a chunk of change for it but God showed me this one in Wal-Mart for only $150. That was a nice gift.

Picture 4
(It was baking day when I took these pics - hence all the baking stuff on the counters.)

The Bathroom

Top Picture
A friend of mine helped me antique the cabinet doors and then I stenciled the words and pictures on.
Middle Picture
More stencils and some Dollarama decorating pieces. The angels were a gift from Kathrin, they're so pretty.
Bottom Picture
The first little quilt I ever made!

Hallway and Porch

The hallway started out a much darker yellow but we didn't like it so we repainted it in this soft "Kelly Yellow".
The porch was rather painstaking to do the stripes free-hand. It took Kathrin several hours to do the first round. It's done in Almond and Olive Brown.

The Living Room

I love our living room! It's so peaceful and comfy. The colors in here are Olive Brown, Almond and Kelly Yellow. The inserts in the window frames are olive brown with tea-dyed cheese cloth wrapped around. I made the signs with stickers that my friend Sue gave me. I love the shelves, you can really see what is on them now.
The verse on the back wall is "Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer." The cool thing about this room is that I've been in a bible study regarding the tabernacle and in the HOly place olives and almonds were very significant, I thought it was kind of interesting that those are the colors that we chose for this room.
We still have to figure out lighting and eventually we'll get new carpet and some chocolate brown leather furniture (that's the dream anyway!) Thanks for coming on my house tour!!