About Me

I'm totally stealing this idea from another blog...

100 Things about Me!

1. I was born in the 60s!
2. I love cheese.
3. I need regular fabric therapy - I don't even need to sew every day, just to be with texture and fabric is therapeutic for me.
4. I have 6 kids.
5. 5 are biological and 1 was chosen.
6. We deal with R.A.D./ADHD/Processing disorders and a list of other things each and every day.
7. I'm scared of horses.
8. I don't really like being outside all that much.
9. I'd much rather look at outside from the inside!
10. I am not a very good garden.
11. I have HUGE gardens.
12. I do it because I have 6 kids.
13. I homeschool but I've never done all 6 at once.
14. I never will! (unless God does a miracle)
15. I love Jesus with all my heart.
16. I got baptized when I was nine.
17. I was always a little bit against the crowd.
18. I'm not a fan of bandwagons.
19. I like folded laundry.
20. I like wonderful smells, especially citrusy things.
21. I'm rather creative.
22. I love to decorate.
23. My house is never clean all at once.
24. I can organize just about anything (except myself!)
25. I'm usually on time.
26. I pay attention to details.
27. I love Beth Moore bible studies.
28. I LOVE to teach.
29. I will be married 20 years on May 17!! woohoo
30. I have the most loving, considerate, amazing husband in the whole wide world.
31. I own a lot of skirts.
32. Most of them are second-hand.
33. I'm just starting to wear bright colors and like them.
34. I did not own a fancy store-bought dress until I was an adult.
35. Because my mom sewed me amazing dresses that were better than the bought ones.
36. I'm not good at making fancy desserts.
37.  I make amazing bread.
38.  I'm a good cook but
39.  I'm not fond of being in the kitchen.
40.  I'm married to a pastor.
41.  I worked in children's ministry for 20 years!
42.  I don't like camping (see #8)
43.  When I go on vacation I believe my standard of living should go up!
44. I want to go to every country in Europe!
45. I want to visit every continent.
46. I would like to learn French fluently.
47.  I would like to take our entire family on a missions trip.
48. I would love to live a debt free life.
49. We are farmers as well as pastors.
50. my faith for #48 isn't that big because of #49
51.  I am slightly overweight
52. I have named my belly fat - Fred.
53. I don't like Fred....at all!
54. My husband tells me I'm beautiful Fred and all.
55. I love hanging out with my kids late at night and having ridiculous conversations.
56. I love dancing with my kids in the kitchen to loud music
57. I like watching movies.
58. I am, for the first time, consistently following a read-through-the-bible in a year plan!
59. I have memorized Colossians 1
60. I never finished University.
61. some days that bothers me.
62. I like to scrapbook
63. I am hopelessly behind and will probably never catch up
64. I like making cards because I think bought ones are overpriced.
65. I love second-hand shopping.
66.  I'm beginning to like first-hand shopping.
67.  chocolate and I are good friends.
68.  I like salty WAY better than sweet.
69. I'm a good leader/administrator.
70. I am insecure.
71. I am an introvert.
72.  I have moved upwards of 30 times in my life.
73.  I am currently setting a new record for living in one location!
74. I should be doing something other than posting 100 things about myself just now.
75.  I have a love/hate relationship with our accounting books.
76. I should be working on them right now.
77.  I love that the house is totally quiet right now.
78. I miss the noise the kids make
79. I love to write.
80. I am working on two books.
81.  I am scared to death to work on them (see #70)
82.  I think I might be fearful of success.
83.  I have blue eyes.
84. I love jewelry
85.  My main love language is gifts and acts of service.
86. I love working with women and youth
87. I have a hard time maintaining an exercise routine.
88.  I am the youngest of four kids.
89.  I've lived close to my parents most of my life because they keep moving where I am.
90.  I am profoundly grateful that they have!
91.  We live on a farm near a tiny town.
92.  I was once a professional life guard.
93.  I worked at summer camps until I got married.
94.  I've been to Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, USA (all over) and all the way across Canada.
95.  My longest labour and delivery was my youngest (12 hours), up until then the longest was 4!  She scared everyone half to death.
96.  My second son was born with SVT.
97.  I have some really amazing friends.
98.  I can't crochet.
99.  I am very musical
100.  I love to act!


Jan Cox said...

Wonderful list.
I tried to memorize Colossians with Ann too. But even though I kept it up I don't think I can repeat any of it.
Maybe it's my age or the fact I wasn't supposed to be doing that at that moment.
loved meeting you.

Lunamoth said...

We really do have alot in common! My FAVORITE SCENT is from Yankee Candle company called Pink Grapefruit. I could BATHE in it! Great list!

Lani - the flowerlady said...

Thanks for reading this list!! :) You get extra points...Lunamoth where can I find you?