Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a thankful heart (444)

I am always amazed how days slip away. Here it is almost the end of March, spring is here according to the calendar while snow falls gently outside my window. I feel like that a little, in my heart I'm leaping and stretching and breaking forth and on the outside my hip hurts, I'm tired and my hair is bad (definately not as pretty as the snow). I can't help but be thankful though, so I continue my gift list...

408. The cooperation exhibited this morning in older brothers helping younger brothers find backpack items, wrap cookies and get them moving toward the bus, what a blessing, especially since the momma woke up a little late.
409. Warbling from the living room as my daughter sings her heart out at the piano with praises to God.
410. a day that holds the potential to include sewing...always a gift to me
411. my bed got made this morning, in the midst of the whirlwind that has been the last week, that is a gift.
412. the individuals that make up my worship arts classes - what a joy to walk alongside and see the excitement grow as we worship and learn together
413. Courts of Praise youth group - what a wonderful group of believers. They so blessed us as they walked with us this weekend.
414. Another Worship Arts Weekend has come and gone and what a gift it was, it doesn't seem fair to give it only one number on this list.
415. Drama - what an amazing way to communicate truth.
416. Music - a gift from a creative God to us, for us.
417. Dance - when words don't do it
418. Art - color, shape, form, woven together to express the thoughts of the heart
419. Herb girls - a little inside joke with my youth girls and niece, what a gift that was to me to sing and play with you.
420. My husband - going on even when he's sick to lead others in worship and 421. the gift of God to him to lift the crappy feeling any time he started to worship.
422. The annointing of the Holy Spirit - I have never seen my husband lead worship with that level of passion before and then to be beside him, leading with him...ahhhhhhhhhh glory (423).
424. Sherry, for making the effort to come and bringing the others with you - yeah, how fun to work beside you once again.
425. All the willing hands to work and clean and cook to make the weekend work.
426. I praise God for the angelic cushions under my son's feet, he jumped off a very high edge and did not hurt himself too badly - thanks be to God
427. For my friend and doctor who doesn't restrict his practice to his office.
428. Salsa - I love my salsa, and it tasted so good last night after a long day.
429. Finding the perfect fabric to make into a dress for my niece's wedding - how fun was that to find!
430. I got to make up a cute, cute purse for myself the other day, love it!
431. a lovely cup of tea just hits the spot and is truly a gift to me
432. sunday afternoon naps where I really sleep, apparently the Lord took me so far in that I didn't hear my son screaming in the same room as me
433. washing machines
434. dryers
435. dishwashers
436. vacuum cleaners
437. central heating
438. air conditioning and fans
439. electric sewing machines
440. electric irons
441. hair dryers
442. water heaters
443. indoor plumbing
The above are the servants of the modern woman, as I read stories of pioneer days and the incredible difficulties that they had to face, the amount of labour involved in simply surviving every day. We are very blessed.
444. Fellow servants in the field, such a gift to walk alongside those who are on the same journey, some who have been there longer who can help you around the pitfalls, truly a gift.

I believe it is time to stop for now and attend to the needs of my household. I simply couldn't let another day go by without adding to this list.