Thursday, September 09, 2004

coffee, ugghh

Found out again last night that coffee and I just don't mix. I am not sure how people stand that stuff. I love the smell and I can handle all the wonderful pretend coffees but that real business is bad, bad, bad. downright painful...


CWG said...

Coffee in my mind is a form of art. Look at the places that serve it. Starbucks, trendy, artful, swanky. For a plug on the coffee a true coffee drinker is particual about the coffee they allow their body to consume. To be honest I think that all Maxwell house products should be banned and taken off the market for their poor quality of coffee. My top three favorites are
1. Indian Malibar at the Roastery
2. Tim Hortons
3. Cafe Verona at Starbucks

**You had to know that I would respond to this post :)

flowerlady said...

I'm guessing that all coffees are not created equal. I have to admit that I'm pretty particular about my tea - boiled not heated, etc. Not too many of those flavored varieties suit my taste, I can even get indignant about how tea is served in restaurants - they pretend it doesn't actually exist for the most part. Real people only drink coffee or something. Here's a question CWG - does Tim's put actual coffee in the Cafe Mocha or is it coffee flavoring - cause I can drink that without pain or horrible side-effects. The stuff I tried to drink the other night literally made me naseous and hurt my stomach

Nathan said...

I don't know about the Cafe Mocha at Tim's, but have you ever watched them make an Iced Cap? They sure taste great, but it looks like the stuff that comes out of the coffee machine in Monsters Inc. (my boys say it looks like he's putting poop in his cup)

"Hey there, chop me off another slab of that good stuff, eh?"

Some things are better left unsaid.

flowerlady said...

I tried one of the IceCaps and I couldn't see the big draw on those. Not exciting to me at all. Perhaps I'm just a strange soul. I love the smell of coffee, I love the hint of it in a coffee cake. I like coffee crisp chocolate bars, I like coffee flavored stuff - just not the real deal.