Wednesday, December 01, 2004

more coffee comments

I find writing about coffee seems to get response!! I was visiting Mary Hunt's website and she was giving tips on thinking 'less'. (She's a financial guru that helps to get you out of debt and debt-proof yourself). So she was talking about the expensive habit of Starbucks latte's. They are almost $4 for a cup (that is totally ridiculous for hot liquid and milk in my opinion). So if you get a super strong plain coffee (about half the price) and sidle on over to the flavored creamers, sprinkles, etc. you can get yourself a 'do-it-yourself' latte for a lot less (if you like that sort of thing - which I don't)!!


CWG said...

WOW only $4 that's cheap. I pay $5.75 for a Grande (large)quad (thats four shots of expresso) Caramel Machiato. and ohhhh is it good. One day I astopped at Tim hortons as I headed to the office, had a leadership meeting, had the above beverage, then grabbed a coffee to go when I left. When it was all done I ended up spending $10 in four hours for 3 cups of coffee. I have found that moderation is the key. mmmmmm....makes me want one now, so with that thought...happy coffee drinking.

flowerlady said...

there's my problem - I don't think I could be happy and drink coffee at the same time :)