Friday, October 07, 2005

fresh flowers for October 7

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At Rest?
©2005, Lani Wiens
a fresh flower original

I learned a lesson from my children the other night. I had just settled back into bed after a brief trip to the facilities at about 3:00 AM. I heard the pitter-patter of feet, the creak of my door opening, the scuffle of bedclothes being moved and then the sound of extra breathing in our bed. I peeked over and sure enough, one of the kids (our oldest) had crawled into bed right on top of my husband’s sleeping form. Not long after another set of feet came in, noticed that the place of honour was taken and made herself comfortable with a pillow and blanket on the floor.

In the dark of night, when things were not well with their souls, my children sought out the comfort of their daddy. He wasn’t awake, didn’t speak to them or even acknowledge their presence. The very nearness of him, the warmth of his body, the knowing of his strength was enough to put them back into a place of security and rest. Though I have to admit that an 80 plus pound weight on your back is hard to ignore – that one got sent back to his own bed.

When my soul is dark and peace is not with me where do I go? These were my thoughts as I listened to my children’s night time activity. Do I run to my Daddy? Do I hop right on up in a good spot so I can be near Him and feel his heart beat as I press my ear to his chest? Is His presence so tangible to me that simply being near enough to hear Him breath sufficient to put my soul at ease?

In Isaiah 30 it says “in repentance and rest are your salvation but you would have none of it”. I do not want to be a stiff-necked person who tries to go on my own, never needing anyone or anything. My big strapping nine year old did not feel a moment of shame in wanting to be near his daddy, there was no need for shame. There is no shame in realizing our need for salvation. There is no shame in repentance. There is however, rest and salvation. In the darkness of your soul come to Daddy, He will give you peace and rest like no one else can. Speak out your need He will come to you.

The Word says even as a father gives good gifts to his children how much more will your heavenly father give good gifts to you? My husband cannot resist the call of his little ones, even when he’s tired and cranky he will go to them, he will sing over them in the middle of the night. He will get the drink, he will go to the emergency room because He can’t NOT go, he loves his little ones, how much more does the Father love you.

Shalom – peace be with you.


carebear said...

good flower pick!
I was just listening to that 18 minute song about the father's love. I don't know who does it, but it is narrated kinda. I know Kelly played it for us one time at harp and bowl. It's so true. I wanna stay in my daddy's arms and walk with him in the cool of the evening.

Nathan said...

Thanks for this, Lani.

Tanya said...

You write so beautifully. I really enjoy reading your posts. Congrats on feeling sick!! I too appreciated feeling sick after losing two pregnancies myself. Praise God for nausiousness and growing bellies to know that everythings alright! Take care and God Bless

flowerlady said...

thanks for your thoughts and kind comments