Thursday, May 18, 2006

give me a break!!

My mom subscribes to a parenting magazine (not for her, she could write the thing) that she passes on to me...

I was attempting to read it after breakfast this morning, the kids had all eaten already, or so I thought. The minute I sat down with my cup of tea there were three of them wanting a banana opened, wanting their own cup of tea, burping elegantly across the table. In the midst of the mileau I happened to read a couple of ads that just about made me joke!

Ridiculous Ad #1 - a highchair (we will not use brand name so I don't get sued or something)

Picture 1 - trim, coifed and perfectly dressed momma with ankles crossed perched on the side of a high stool is feeding little man who is perfectly coifed, clean and accomodating.

Picture 2 - trim, coifed and perfectly dressed momma sits with trim, coifed and perfectly dressed dad and trim, coifed and clean perfectly dressed little men in said highchair turned toddler seat at.......get this.......a GLASS table eating a molded dessert with mint leaf and orange curls on.....GLASS plates. There is not a smidgen of dinner anywhere on that table or on that kid. NOt a hair is out of place....I gagged and scoffed........

Riciculous Ad #2 - a mini-van (once again I'll forgo the brand)

An airport cart is parked alongside loading luggage. (now that bit would be reality for our family, we need almost that size of a cargo bay now) However, the van's amenities were many and the big line was that it was the 'perfect family size' vehicle. I couldn't help but misconstrue that to mean, "Don't bother buying this thing unless you've only got 3 or less children." The kicker line for me........For families who like to live large!

Go figure..........


Camille said...

families who like to live large got nothin' on you, girl!! haahahha

my fave line is "feeding little man who is perfectly coifed, clean and accomodating" - ahahahha

carebear said...

That's absoulutly hilarious!
no doubt heh?
There's a magaize/catalouge that I like to look at called "spectrum" they are full colored magazines filled with "educational" toys and stuff like that.

I see kids playing with certain things in the mag and know that there's no way that kids would play with it that way.