Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Precious Moments

It's moments like this that make life worthwhile:

Did you know that if you blow kisses after someone you love that they'll race to catch up with them and bring them back? This bit of wisdom was passed down from my eldest boy to his two little brothers as they stood one daying sobbing their hearts out with their noses pressed to the window as their daddy drove away. It's what they reminded me of this morning as they blew kisses to their sister as she got on the bus.

Watching my ADHD/ODD son carefully peel and chop carrots for his favorite thing - homemade chicken soup. I love working beside him in the kitchen. He was so agreeable and helpful, setting the table and making sure the soup tasted good.

Big brothers taking care of baby sisters.

Sleepy boys curling up behind your back early in the morning with their little arms around your neck.

Little girls asking if you could please pick out their clothes to where the next day as they wander off to dream land.

Two big boys who often fight over silly things helping unload the van after a long trip without dad. Watching them play cards before bed, building forts together.

These are the things that warm my heart and make motherhood and all its trials worthwhile.

thank you Jesus for moments like these.


Nin said...

thank you.....

I agree with the what ifs....I ask them far too often, and they only get me into trouble.

Camille said...

that is a very sweet and touching post! i love your kids, and especially liked how eldest boy encouraged little boys!! that just breaks my heart!! so sweet