Friday, August 24, 2007


Today is my birthday, when some women hit my age they might declare that this is the last birthday they'll ever have. 39 and holding?

I am a miracle, did you know that. According to the thoughts and whims of men, I should not exist, but God didn't think that and fortunately for me, my parents agreed with him. Let me tell you a little story...

39 years and 9 months ago my mom got pregnant with me. She'd already had three children and a number of miscarriages. After her second child it was recommended that she not have any more children because her womb was very fibrous. She had my brother after that and didn't expect to have any more children. Three years later she was pregnant again but wasn't aware of it. She became ill and had to have an emergency appendectomy.

After she realized she was pregnant the doctors recommended that she terminate the pregnancy due to the high levels of toxins and drugs that were circulating around her body. They were certain that the baby she carried would either die in utero or be severely disabled at the very least. My mom and dad prayed and sought the Lord and decided that if the Lord decided to give them a disabled child then He would also give them the grace they needed to raise that child.

I can't imagine what those months must have been like for my parents. When it came time for my delivery the doctor postponed his trip to visit his dying mother in Scotland, my dad took time off work and was allowed to be in the delivery room, unheard of in those days. They all held their breath and low and behold they had a perfectly healthy baby girl with no birth defects in sight.

After 39 years I'm still healthy physically and in every other way. I know that God chose for me to be on this earth for HIs purposes. What a great gift I've been given and today I give praise to the Lord for protecting me and seeing fit to bring me to this earth. My prayer is that my life would be a beautiful offering to Him in everything I do. He has given me so much!

So, the last birthday for me? No way, I plan to celebrate every year God gives me and anticipate it being better than the last. Happy birthday to me!


Nin said...

awwww! you ARE a miracle, you are special and beautiful, irreplacable and one of a kind. Happy birthday!!!!!
(and good for you for not being 39 and holding!)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!

My Mom told me about your blog, and I don't know how she found it, but I am enjoying reading.


jillarae said...

Oh happiest of birthdays to you Lani. I always knew there must be a reason you were so extra special. And it is not JUST that you share my Kiera's birthday!

Sunydazy said...

I enjoyed this story so much. I, too, am 39 years old...I always enjoy thinking about where others were and what they were doing way back 'when'. :-) When you were born I was probably being sheltered from the dreadful Texas heat by my mother. I was 5 months old. :-)

Camille said...

my wonderful miraculous friend
i have never heard that story in full... but i sure do love it. your parents are amazing and so neat!!! i am so glad they decided to trust in God. look what we all got!!!