Sunday, March 18, 2007

life as I know it

It seems to me that my blogging world is slowing down, getting smaller, fewer of the blogs I frequent are blogging, or taking time off or realizing that life needs to be lived live and in person, not on a screen. Like right this very second, my little girl is laying her head on my feet, giving unvocalized signals of her need to go to bed. It's late, we had our first weekend of being the associate pastor couple, we worked hard at packing boxes for my in-laws so that they can we can move. Exhausting, emotionally and physically.

I need to lay my head on my Saviour's feet. I know I don't need to say anything, which is good, because I don't know what to say exactly. My life is going to change radically in three short weeks. I have no frame of reference to imagine what I'm stepping in to. It is a completely blind leap into the unknown.

That's all I can say at the moment. The roller coaster between excitement and sorrow is leaving me a little dry.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Body Count Rises

In an effort to eradicate the rodents from the premises, the caveman has struck again! Aided by an accomplice who shall remain nameless, a vicious, but effective attack was executed late last night. As the death toll rises to a shocking five bodies, the homeowners wonder..."Are there more?"

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mild Mannered Husband Turns Killer

Apparently I could win a boring blog award. It's sad but true. I haven't much time to write these days and what I write isn't terribly exciting...obviously. So I had to come up with a shocking headline...which is true, by the way, but you'll have to read to the end of the story before I'll tell you what happened.

You see, in order for a blog to be interesting there needs to exist, at least, one or two of the following elements:

1. You must post regularly (haven't done that lately).
2. You need to be:

- controversial (I am not- I tend not to visit controversy either, so no link for ya)
- uproariously funny (sorry, haven't been on my game in that area lately, however, if you need a good laugh go visit "Fish In My Hair" absolutely guaranteed to make you get the Depends out)
- exhibiting excellent spiritual depth (since 'fresh flowers - the inspirational column' is in hibernation at the moment I'm not giving you that either...however, The Sacred Every Day and Holy Experience are sure to inspire you - and they are just really good writers)
- having a crisis occuring in which people are following your progress (don't have one, big change- yes, crisis - no...Carebear has that one happening and is inspiring many with her faith walk)
- sensational (my title is the best I could do on sensational)
- teaching something great on a regular basis (I Have To Say has great tutorials and various other interesting bits and pieces)

So there you have it folks...I'm just plain boring right now. Things should pick up after the move as I will certainly be on a huge learning curve with becoming a pastor/farmer's wife...guaranteed at least a few stories there.

oh yes, the murdering husband...

Last night as we sat having a rare, and blessedly quiet, conversation on our couch, Mickey came to visit. My husband and I have been eradicating Mickey and his family from our home for the last week. He's nice on TV but not pooping in my cupboards and on my towels. He may be cute but I want him dead! We waited quietly with broom and dustpan in hand. Sure enough he made a run for it. My fearless caveman chased him down, took aim and fired the dustpan at him with amazing speed and agility ending the encroaher's life on the spot. I cheered wildly, well, as wildly as I could with a sleeping baby in my arms. Another one bites the dust and that friends is as sensational as it gets!

That's our life right now, we get excited over dead rodents.

And yes, this template isn't inspiring so I need my techno friend CWG to hook me up with something flowery and get my links back and maybe all will be well! (That's a BIG hint! - you can track down his deep thoughts over at In Search of Truth)