Friday, February 08, 2008

Life in the past few weeks

My how time flies when you're way busy!! Updates, updates...

The skirt sewing went really well, we have about 40 skirts to take to Mexico. Kathryn, our house guest from Germany, is fitting in beautifully. We all love her to pieces. She loves to play games so she fits in very well! We were playing Dutch Blitz one evening and she'd beaten Kelly and I soundly. She turns to Kelly and says, "Want to lose again?" I like that girl. She also love cheese in any form, sundried tomatoes, seafood and olives. She loves to read and craft, too. Definately a good fit!

We are getting a little confused in the language department as we teach Kathryn English, she teaches us German, I teach Abby French and try to learn Spanish songs for our trip to Mexico. Aye caramba, je ne fershtay pas!

We just got through a run with the flu. That wasn't so fun. I discovered during the many loads 0f laundry that the washing machine is a very effective tool for disintegrating Bibles. All that was left was the duct tape that had been holding it together.

Our new van is great, but we have to find some new seats for it! We don't have quite enough seating capacity in there, though it is very roomy. We could rent it out as a small theatre.

Life in ministry is busy and interesting. Next week we head to Mexico to build a couple of houses. On our way home they'll drop us off for the rural pastor's conference. A month after that we're taking a team of youth to Winnipeg with Soar Heartland to do inner-city missions exposure. Then the first weekend of May we'll go with the grads on a trip to Edmonton. PHew!!
In the meantime we're developing a servant leadership team among our youth and are thrilled with what we've seen so far. Breakthrough is very encouraging. We both teach sunday school so that helps round out our weeks.

OH don't forget we're farmers, so in there somewhere we have to ship grain, plan for seeding, get the machinery ready and seed.

The kids go power-skating every week and have learned to love skating...can't say the same for myself. I still hate ice. They're all doing really well in their studies.

Since there's a blizzard going on...again...we've cancelled youth group and are staying home to eat junk food and watch movies. Such a hard life we lead.



NªDH∆N said...

wow. life sounds full and fun.

blogs gone underground. email me if you want to be in the "in crowd". hehe

Nin said...

we just learned how to play dutch blitz. We're still working on our skill behind the scenes so that we can come out and CRUSH everyone, being the competative M's we are and all.
That's funny that your van is as big as a theater. Sounds like a groovy love-mobile to me. You should put some carpet in it.