Tuesday, March 11, 2008

and the paint goes on

Shocking, it isn't even a month since my last post!!

So....this week we're doing the porch, the living room and the trim in the hallway. The red velvet drapes are down, the holes are filled, the shelves are primed and tomorrow morning Almond Wisp and Olive Brown will be filling my walls with color. The porch is also Almond Wisp and will have Olive Brown accents. We painted the paneling and will do the skinny stripe in the Olive Brown. The end of the paint is near. Then maybe we can actually clean up this house. My bedroom has been the dropping point for pretty much everything that I couldn't shove somewhere else!

I finished the decorative painting in the bathroom. I'll have to post pictures cause it looks really, really good!!! I just have to get Kelly to hang a corner shelf and that room is totally done.

Saturday will be a scrapbooking day. I've come to the realization that I will never be a true 'scrapbooker' - I just don't have time. But I'm going to enjoy doing what I can, when I can cause I love all the papers and textures and stickers and doo dads that I get to play with when I do it. It's also great fun to look at all the pictures again and put them in beautiful settings and visit with people I enjoy.

Oh yeah. I got to play on the worship team again cause their pianist cancelled on Saturday afternoon. I didn't pray for that I promise. However, there were some talk about making room for me on their team, how fun is that.

My big boy went to his very first junior high retreat this last weekend. That was bizarre. He can't really be that old yet. And he actually did things to impress some girls - that's a little scary to this mamma - he's always had good girl friends but I think this was a little different than that.


Nin said...

aw! that must be so weird to see your son grow up..... I have NO idea how I'll react when my daughter gets there. AHHHH!
So excited to see pictures of it all, it sounds super neat!
We're doing the kitchen a pale yellow. We wanted to keep it bright and chipper since I'm in that gosh darn forsaken room all the time! haha! Plus we don't get direct sunlight on that side of the house. Hope it turns out good.....wish us luck :)
That's cool about the worship team! I'm trying to remember if you were on the team at Hope, and for the life of me I can't remember. Maybe you were before I came? or maybe I'm just a numbskull and don't remember. Of course I remember Kelley up there all the time, singing songs specifically to me! haha. Terry and Wanda were here the other night, and we were talking about someone who is "running away" in their walk with God, and terry was like, well you know how there are those types of people you don't want to be around when you're not doing well, because they just "know" whats going on without you having to tell them? and I was like yeah! like Kelley! LOL, we laughed and I told them that there were times I would avoid eye contact with him! lolol......sigh, anyways, it was funny. He has such a gift.

Carebear and Firestarter said...

are you going to be able to post pics?