Wednesday, August 06, 2008


137. I am so very thankful for the team that we work with in youth, they are an amazing group of individuals and I feel very priveleged to work with them.
138. This thing called the internet is a wonderful thing that allows me to "talk" to dear friends all over the world.
139. I am thankful for the relationships that we have built with the young people we work with over this last year, such a difference from the awkwardness of last year. I love those kids.
140. Summer camps.
141. Swimming lessons.
142. Chai tea.
143. A flock of seagulls rising as one off the surface of the lake, circling, swirling in a glorious dance that settles gently back on the water...such beauty.
144. My lovely mug from the Chinese garden in Montreal.
145. The chore chart that I developed for our kids that actually works.
146. Progress that is happening on our rotten deck to replace it in time for the new barbeque that should be here next week.
147. I am thankful that God helped us be patient and save a little at a time so that when the barbeque we wanted came on sale, we could purchase it with no regrets or qualms. Yeah!!

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Carebear and Firestarter said...

Go storehouse principles!!!!!!!!