Monday, December 08, 2008

10 day challenge and more (342)

So....apparently there is more than one person who reads this....there are 2, hee hee. The question was asked, "How did the 10 day challenge go?" I think I can continue on with my gift list and answer that question at the same time (does that count as a gift? why not? #333)

#334. At first I was a little discouraged because I only lost 3 pounds and a total of about 1.5 inches. Then, I was in the doctor's office waiting for a prescription to be filled and was reading an article in Prevention magazine regarding the Flat Belly diet and exercise plan. The plan from is pretty close to the Flat Belly plan and they gave an indication of what you could expect after following their plan for a month - 3 lbs and 1 inch. So...3lbs and 1.5 inches in 10 days is pretty good I think, plus I walked 40 miles...yes that's miles...not kilometers in that period of time. So considering all the information, I think it went pretty well. It was an eating plan that was actually doable, not weird food, even included McDonald's in it. You can sign up and take the 10 day challenge for free on the website (download the eating plan).

#335. I am thankful for the grace of God, it is truly a gift. There are times that I would just like to throw in the towel. I get very frustrated as a mom on occassion. Yesterday I stopped and pondered how the world would handle the frustration that I was experiencing and I realized that without the grace of God, leaning into His strength, I probably would just give up. Life just gets too hard some days, being responsible for only me would be so much easier and far too many people do just that. The grace and strength of my Saviour remind me that I am not doing this by myself nor am I expected, too. He has equipped me for the journey that I am on and will provide all I need to accomplish the tasks He sets before me. What a glorious gift my Saviour is!

#336. Because of the enlightening thoughts above and several reminders that came from various places, today was very peaceful in my little corner of the world, none of the problems that arose today shook me - that is a gift.

#337. I am one gift closer to being finished my Christmas projects.

#338. My husband took me on a date on Saturday. We went out for supper and then to a Christmas choir concert that was lovely. His mom and dad were singing in it and it was a joy to be able to bless them in something that they were participating in.

#339. Yesterday afternoon everyone was out sledding except for my youngest and oldest. The three of us curled up on the couch together and watched a movie. It isn't so often that my man-child curls up with me anymore, I eagerly accepted his gift to me yesterday.

#340. The snow, glorious white snow!!! I LOVE IT!!

#341. That hill right out our front door is a gift (especially when it is covered with snow!)

#342. Tacos for supper. A simple, healthy, quickly made meal that everyone loves. A meal with no complaining is a tremendous gift in this house.

All my sweaty sledding kids are in for supper so I'll have to quit for now. My heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness today. Blessings to all who read this, may the peace of Christ rule in your heart today.


K_I_T_ said...

Hey, can't sleep and I dropped by to check your blog!You'll have to start updating your blog more in the new year, so I have something to read during my regular insomnia episodes!! Just wanted to say hey, and wish you a Merry Christmas incase I don't see you. Also to have a great trip. Looking forward to the new year!

jillarae said...

There are more than you know reading your words of wisdom and inspiration. I just usually blurk, and seldom comment.

Merry Christmas to you and your fam!

Princess Warrior said...

Glad to hear how the 10 day went:) Thanks for saying what you did about being responsible for only yourself. I have been enjoying my single life immensely this past month and have come to a point of seeing marriage as an if I have to thing:) But your note reminds me that discipling and rainsing young ones, while helping to support and encourage a man is what I a woman have been made to do(some day, no need to rush into this). Thanks!