Monday, June 01, 2009

2 modest proposals

After researching modesty both through what the Bible has to say and polling the male citizenry for their opinion I have come up with two equitable solutions. In the spirit of Jonathon Swift I offer you this modest proposal...

Our current society seems not to view modesty as an important issue. There is no regard for hemlines or bustlines whatsoever. Young women are not taught how to sit, stand or pick up something off the floor in a modest way. Our economy is struggling greatly and the average family is having difficulty making ends meet. In order to help these families with daughters who want to bare it all and empty the wallets of their parents, I say to you, why not let them. Let's level the playing field and save ourselves a lot of money at the same time.

Off with their clothes I say. All of them. If everyone would simply not wear clothes we would revolutionize our entire society! Of course we'd empty out all of Canada and the northern states but wouldn't a more concentrated population help improve the economy in the more southern areas? Just the first of many benefits to my plan.

Without clothing, gone are the judgements based on what we wear. Name brands would be a thing of the past, no more costly trips to the mall for that sale that will only be on for two hours to get the perfect shirt. Shopping would be much quicker altogether without all that shopping for covering.

All the overworked designers and seamstresses would have time for family and other pursuits.

There would be far less judgements about body type. We're all just out there as we are, no more covering up the bulges, lifting up the fallen and padding the non-existent. Far more time for gainful pursuits like reading and gardening, caring for others and visiting.

With everyone hanging out, so to speak there would probably a natural inclination for exercise, a new desire to care for one's body since that's all there is to see. This national epidemic of obesity would be a thing of the past with everyone getting fit.

Yes, we would really see each other as we are. Save the economy and put everyone on a level playing field. What a plan.

The second option would be to live in a completely segregated society in our public spaces. Male and female would only see each other in the privacy of their own homes. Work places would have a women's section separate from the men. Schools would be the same. Marketplaces would display wether they were a women's or men's facility. Only in the privacy of their own home would men and women see each other.

How would people meet and create new families? By arrangement of course. Through their outside relationships, parents would simply find out what potential mates were available and choose one through application. We wouldn't need to bother with television, cameras or the internet. A quieter and simpler society there couldn't be. Then modesty wouldn't be an issue. We wouldn't have to worry about what we're wearing so much since only those of the same gender would ever see us in public.

There you have it, two possible solutions for dealing with this issue of modesty. One of them should work don't you think? If you don't like these options, please read the next one.


Princess Warrior said...

I want to comment here too. I wonder how we as the older woman can now pass on to the younger woman the beauty of modest. I have a friend who is overweight and mentioned that she would love to be able to where a half a shirt and look good. I think perhaps the key is loving our bodies and being mindful of them. How do I convey to others their beauty and help myself and them to be their most beautiful self, without coming off as a prude!


Marcia said...

I am behind you! ;)