Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yesterday (612)

I slept in until 9:30 because no one woke me up.
588. getting a full night of sleep is a gift.

Had breakfast.

Devotions out on the deck.
589. Warm sun on my back.
590. Birds flititng in and out of the trees and near my feet.
591. A great devotional book that I'm going through (90 Days With Jesus by Beth Moore).
592. Leaning agains the deck rail - I love that deck even if it isn't finished yet.

Weeding in the bean patch.
593. Discovered there were new tender beans ready to be picked.
604. Got accosted by my loving dogs - all 3 at one time.

Finding out the fridge had been turned off by our little one a couple of days ago.
594. Chicken noodle soup.
595. Banana bread.
596. A nice mid-afternoon snack.
597. Didn't have to thaw out meat for supper.
598. A lovely clean fridge and freezer.
599. On behalf of the dogs - a gift from a little girl - they enjoyed their supper!

Washed the floor.

Took time out to read here and there.
600. So thankful for the gift of literature that the Lord has given us.
601. Thankful for the authors who chose to use their gifts to bless so many.
602. Rekindled desire to write.

Made a delightful supper of new potatoes, onions and beans from our garden with sausage on the barbeque.
603. Ate supper on the deck.

Worked together with my wonderful husband in the yard until it got dark.
605. Work that satisfies is a gift.

Watched a good movie.
606. Thankful, too, for the film industry, especially when they produce a really good picture.

607. Danced in the moonlight with my husband.
608. Bright moon.
609. Bright stars.
610. Soft breeze.
611. Privacy to do such a silly thing.

Finished reading a novel I started, a wonderful picture of God's gift of grace to us.
612. God's grace to me, who didn't deserve it.

Yesterday was a good day. Thank you Lord for a stress-free day.


Valerie said...

Hi Lani,just when I think I might quit blogging something hanppens like your comment. The internet can be a fun and encouraging thing. I like you're blog. It is refreshing and creative. I can't wait to read more. And I LOVE the flower analogy. I love flowers and I'm a born country girl and now transplanted to the almost city. It sounds like you have a gift for seeing God in the everyday and I can always use more of that.

Anyway, you asked about Taneah's name. It was the name her b-mom gave her but we changed the spelling. The original spelling was Taniea and derived from Tatianna and it means "queen". We call her Neah for short. It fits her and I love it.

If you write the book. Please share it with me. That would be such a neat thing for her. Bye for now.

Kim's Creations said...

This is so beautiful Lani, you are a gifted writer.