Thursday, December 03, 2009

tornado warning

I've never actually been in a tornado, but I think I have an inkling of what it might be like. Every once in awhile a tornado in the form of my son rips through our house leaving devestation in its wake. Broken things, hurt emotions, frayed nerves. How do people survive who live in 'tornado alley'? Why do they stay there when they could move? Why do we stay here for that matter and endure harsh winters and drought filled summers? Because it is home.

In spite of the possibility of being devestated by the weather we remain because we can't imagine living elsewhere. It is the same with our son. We will continue to work these difficulties out day by day, moment by moment because one day, the weather patterns might just change.

In the meantime we'll clean up the broken glass and search out how to mend the bent emotions and work toward reconciliations and healing. Life is just so messy.


Carol said...

I completely understand about the tornado in the form of your son. We're in a storm ourselves right now. Praying for wisdom, endurance and love (for you AND me!).

kathrin said...

i'm praying for you!! i wish i could be there and support you! i'm finally home now for more than 2 days. hope to talk to you soon.

big, big hug!!!

Anonymous said...

another big hug from abroad! and don´t we sometimes need a tornado to clear our thoughts and appreciate the silence after it? to start a new day...
love and best wishes

Audrey said...

hunker down, rest, eat lots of nourishing food... you are in our prayers and thoughts often. Love you!
Peace be with You and your family!

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