Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Motherhood

Yup, I finally decided it was time to write another bit wit and wisdom on here and I am completely blank as I stare at the screen. I've been thinking about this role of motherhood alot lately. My baby is turning 4 in another week and my eldest is taller than me and stronger than me and will soon be heavier than me. He scares me just a little. He's a teenager and I'm caught in the grand dichotomy of motherhood - parenting with authority and moving to the side to let him grow. It is extremely difficult to know which place to be in at any given moment. Such a man/child he is. One moment helping his dad move huge sheets of plywood and drywall in for a renovation project - telling his dad exactly which way to move the boards so they can get around the tight corner and the next moment lying on the floor playing Lego with his brothers.

He is one of those boys that all the girls like and want attention from. Not too sure how to parent that either. I was not one of the popular kids and neither were my siblings, I don't know how to do this thing anymore. Where does that leave me? Begging for wisdom from the One who knows the answers to these problems. And he gives it. Thank the good Lord for that.


Audrey said...

It's good to hear from you, my flower lady! I agree with you on the struggle in parenting. I was just mentioning to my Kelly last night that it seems as though our oldest has jumped in maturity in the past week regarding some of his medical care and yet I still have to help him get out the door in the mornings! Get that!? Being a mother is truely a privilage, blessing and a challenge. I'm thankful with you for HIS guidance, answers to those quick under-my-breath prayers and faithfulness!
- blessings in your day my sister

K_I_T_ said...

Yeah...nice to see a post from you!! As for the teenie bopper advice....none! Sorry about that, but since Im not there yet, and mine are girls, no help. But still nice to see you back on here!