Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting over grumpy (1200)

I have to sit and be thankful for something because right now I'm a little down and overwhelmed once again with the tidal wave of mess that is my house.  I was humbled by reading anothers' blog who has been touched by Ann and her 1000 Gifts.  I had to be reminded, apparently, that we are not the one to judge whether a circumstance is good or bad because we don't see the end result just now.
What is the result of my giving up a day to help a neighbour butcher chickens?  I don't know, because right now I'm overwhelmed by the mess that didn't get cleaned up today.  I can look back and see the good that came of the unpleasant, case in point - hitting a cow resulted in a newer van and a trip to a place I've always wanted to go, time alone with my husband and fun excursions and adventures, the kids are thrilled to death with the newer, more comfortable vehicle and it didn't break the bank. (7 gifts right there 1171 - 1178)
My son accused me of being grumpy this evening and I have to admit I am, but I wasn't going to confess that to him at the time. (there is a large spider making it's way toward me at this moment, to kill or not to kill? I killed)
I hate feeling grumpy so I'm asking the Lord to help me change my attitude...look for something that is a gift...
1179. the only sound I hear is the spinning of the dryer
1180.  the dryer is running because my son did his own laundry
1181.  real moments of conversation on my bed with my daughter
1181.  watching our relationship shift in the balance of parent/child/friend/mentor
1182.  friends who pray when the Lord lays me on their heart
1183.  my pretty bible cover
1182.  a night out with my girlfriends
1183.  toys for my children to play with
1184.  food for them to eat
1185.  dishes for them to eat off of
1186.  clothes for them to wear
1187.  that they are all well and healthy
1188.  Kelly is safely in a motel and not stranded on the road
1189.  the John Deere guy who stopped to help him
1190.  the SaskCan guy who stayed late to unload him
1191.  texting information so you don't have to write it down
1192.  skipping the rummage sale this year
1193.  playing with my new toy
1194.  pictures that remind me of great moments that were shared
1195.  striking colors of salsa before it's cooked
1196.  reality that someday I will actually miss all this chaos
1197.  absence of headache
1198.  comradrie of friends in a task, even if it's yucky
1199.  ideas leaking out of my head
1200.  horizontal comfort
Aren't those colors just stunning?  That's before it's cooked...

and there it is after....yummers!

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