Monday, January 09, 2012

Christmas 2011 (33)

All of my Christmas events are now officially over.  Unfortunately, I have a cold and so am feeling a little under the weather as well as exhausted from all the late nights!  These minor discomforts are far outweighed by the blessing it has been to spend time with the family and friends that have graced our home these last few weeks.
I have to count the highlights so I can remember all the glorious moments that will now become part of fond memories of Christmas 2011.

11.  there have been some stunning skies morning and evening over the last week - God you are an amazing artist.
12.  My son and husband created a craft room for me in the basement that I am looking forward to moving into
13.  which means all the sewing stuff is finally out of my kitchen!
14.  the glorious mess that I'm going to start cleaning up today which is a reminder of...
15.  the blessing that I have the resources to house that many people at one time
16.  that I have this family whom I love
17.  that they were here!
18.  I am thankful for laughter as we share stories
19.  playing games around the table
20.  hugs
21.  Sam's gumball cellphone invention idea
22.  the fact that my mom and dad have celebrated 50 years of marriage
23.  my brother's widow and her husband who continue to be part of the family - keeping his kids connected with us
24.  All the work my kids did to help me prepare for this weekend
25.  Backing up to New Year's - having the Van Loon family here for a couple days was such a blessing.
26.  Going to participate in blessing a dear friend who is getting married.
27.  The friends my niece and nephew brought along that feel like part of the family.
28.  Spending time with Kelly's family all together at his mom and dad's.
29.  Seeing great-grandma on Christmas day and the lady who thought we were singing in Ukrainian
30.  Friends who know your heart
31.  The intimacy of hearts connected by One Spirit
32.  My eldest daughter - she is such a blessing to me.
33.  My little Biblegirl!  God Lizzy a Biblegirl costume and she loves it!

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