Friday, May 24, 2013

FMF {The View From Down Here}

The Friday is here.  Let's join the fabulous community of women that writes on Fridays for 5 minutes.  Just five, unedited and whole-hearted...the prompt for today:  VIEW


I hope this isn't too depressing for y'all but today the view I have isn't so pretty.  I'm at the bottom of a very large mountain.  I've been at the bottom of this mountain for so long.  and I don't like it.

I want to conquer that mountain.

And just when it looks like I might have finally found the path to conquering...

someone moves the path

or creates a detour

or just yells at me to get off the road.

I'm so tired of it.

The word says that I can speak to the mountain and it will get out of the way.  I've not been too successful at that obviously.

My paltry mountain climbing efforts haven't amounted to much.

I know all the right answers I have a mountain climbing plan and equipment to climb it and I know it will take time, because that mountain didn't grow there over night...

So now what?

That's the view from down here and I'm aware that there is a better perspective but I can't see it at the moment.


I'm linked up at Lisa Jo's where there are probably much more uplifting posts to read!  I would encourage you to go read them.  Thanks for stopping by, don't worry, I'll be in a better frame of mind on another day.

Five Minute Friday



The view will change I promise you....and it will continually change...for better or for worse. I remember being at the foot of the mountain not so long ago...and it was an ugly view...but then....I saw Mt. Ranier...and I knew I would be ok. Dropping in from Five MInute Friday.

BARBIE said...

I am sorry you are struggling. Please know that even though you feel stuck at the bottom of that mountain, God is with you. I pray that He will meet you in this valley in a powerful way and restore your joy! I know He is able. Stopped over from the Five Minute Friday. Have lovely weekend!

Denise said...

Praying for your view to improve greatly soon. Big hugs to you.

Marilee said...

Love you my friend ... No matter how dim the view is today!! In fact, I love you most because of your honesty and open heart - praying that God will fill you up!

Marcy P said...

I know waiting STINKS and changes in course are confusing, but it will happen. I love your honest struggle and that you put it out there. I appreciate it because I am at the base of a mountain too and have only taken a very few steps. Praying with you, Lani. Blessings to you, sweet friend.