Thursday, September 01, 2005


I have been remiss in announcing the arrival of my new niece:

Teresa Crystal
9 lbs 11 oz
born on August 30, 2005
sister to: Tami Lynn, Tonja, Terrell, and Tobia

Proud Mommy and Daddy are Herb and Donna (my sister)

She's so precious, we've all enjoyed holding her already and basking in her newness.

Shhhhh, I need to tell a little secret on my macho nine year old boy.

He didn't want to give her up to anyone else, he just wanted to sit and hold her. When we were leaving he asked if we could come back soon just so he could hold her some more. My heart swells with tears. He's such an awesome big brother. Man I love that boy. No question how helpful he'll be when #6 shows up. I love the wonder in his eyes.


Let Grace Rain Down said...

Congrats to your sister and her family. Children are a true blessing from God.

Nin said...

Beautiful name! Thats so cute, congrats!
What a blessing to have such a huge help in the family.