Thursday, September 29, 2005


Don't be too shocked........I'm actually posting something. I'm shocked that I can so easily leave my blogosphere behind when the rest of life gets big. It has been such a big part of what I used to do each day. However, morning sicknes/afternoon fatigue/evening sickness, homeschooling and life in general have pushed this thing way down the priority list and that probably isn't gonna change a whole heap. sorry for all you fans out there who were just dying for any tidbit from me........oh.......there aren't any of those........oh well then , for those of you who drop in now and then;

I'm pregnant
we still haven't sold our house
therefore we still have not moved
I'm extremely annoyed with our dog at the moment
I really would like the baby to go back to sleep without me going up there and getting him another bottle but it probably isn't going to happen
we've been out at the farm helping with harvest
we're leading a bible study group and it looks like it should be a great group to work with
I'm pregnant

still pregnant (this seems to rule my days at the moment)
my eldest son put an extra hole in his chin yesterday trying to be helpful in a store, many stitches later and 4 hours at the hospital we finally got home
#3 son stuffed some kleenex up his nose several weeks ago and we had to go see a specialist to get it removed - very disgusting.
I'm pretty sick of doctors this week - the kids all had their annual physicals this week, too
Had to take girl to the chiropractor cause she fell off and swing and didn't bother to tell me about it until she was jumping on a trampoline and couldn't continue because her back hurt too much - it was waaaaaaaaaaaay out of place.

I'm tired and that babe isn't going back to sleep.

I'm pregnant.
Really enjoying pickles, olives and chocolate.........



Camille said...

sorry that things have been so stressed/busy.
Glad you're still pregnant. :)

carebear said...

well, if i'm allowed to say this....
you crack me up! I chuckled, probably cause I can relate to those days.

The way you wrote you thoughts was neat.

I know, I need to give an update on my blog too.....I guess I keep thinking that it needs to be deep and profound and I don't have time for that right now.
Maybe I'll pull a lani and just give my life in point form for now.
LOL, but I can't right now, packing to go to a cabin with my family!
Guess it'll have to wait till next week
Keep on being pregnant...
blessings, my dear

flowerlady said...

I'm glad I'm still pregnant, too. I'm not glad that I've been so sick but I'm thankful for that little "all is well" reminder!

Sarah - sometimes life IS point form! :)