Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm still here!

Blogging has become such an extremely low priority in our crazy days lately, there just hasn't been time. I have to admit I miss 'meeting' all of my on-line friends. I took a few minutes to read this morning at Intent and CareBear and Livin' Forgiven', they all have good things to say.

This week has been sick children, way too many bodily fluids being flung around for this queasy stomach. Yup, the gagging and nausea still haunt me though things have gotten better this week has been very difficult. That handsome man in the pictures below has been my saving grace - keeping up with cleaning up the diarhea and vomit on a regular basis. My boys have helped with the laundry and the bathtub has seen a lot of use lately.

We're still here in our old house, it is not sold yet but maybe that will change soon. We've had two people look at it this weekend and one more is coming tomorrow.

We have a date for Samuel's heart surgery. Excited and scared about that.

Leading our Transformations group has been a huge blessing - what a wonderful group of people we've given to lead for this little time frame.

That's all for now, gotta go plan our lives for the next couple of weeks....


tonia/sparrow said... did I miss the heart surgery info? Is that one of your children? :(

sorry for the sickness at your house! I'm praying for a buyer for you today.

starting over said...

one flu X 5 kids + pregnant mom= a very tired mom and dad.
Hang in there, soon you will be looking back on these days wondering where they went (I say it like I have been there but I have not, BUT that is what my mother says these days)

Sonya said...

Oh, yucky! No wonder you didn't have much time to talk today! Even though Rachel has been super sick, I have been thankful it's not that kind of sick! I will take a moment to pray for you guys right now.

flowerlady said...

is RAchel doing better yet?