Monday, November 20, 2006


I have been reading alot about sabbatical and rest and all that. After the last year of high stress and such I'm feeling a wee bit drained. I've been writing fresh flowers for quite some time now and it seems good to my husband, the Holy Spirit and myself to take a rest. So there won't be much around here for the next three months. However, I would appreciate your prayers as I do the following:

1. Rest from writing

2. Refresh my spirit so that there is more to give

3. Ponder the process of huge life changing decision making that we are in the middle of.

Oh yeah, we have 4 gift sets of Fresh Flowers - an inspirational journal and King of All Creation CDs left. That's all they'll ever be, we aren't making anymore. So whoever yells first will get them. $25 for both - a steal of a deal!

And now, I am going to eat late night KD with my wonderful husband and begin resting...aaaahhhh


Nin said...

ENJOY every moment of your restful season.

Kelly & Audrey Taylor-Faye said...

breathe it all in my sister! The fregrance is beautiful.