Sunday, December 03, 2006


feel like writing something but don't have much to say...not sure anyone reads this thing anyway

been cooped up with sick kids for three weeks - haven't been to church


want to get out for awhile

i'm an introvert constantly surrounded by people

way too much stress going on around here

waiting for a phone call that hasn't come yet

it will

just taking time

waiting for my entire life to change is not easy and i'm not doing well at being peaceful

would like to scream and throw things for a brief moment

crying is good, less damaging

hard to find time to do all the things that need to be done
only one of me
so many of everything else

house is quiet, tree is pretty in the dark
relative cleanness - as clean as it can be with 8 people constantly running around

without corporate worship, every day is the same

spending time with Sam was rather wonderful this morning, I will cherish those memories...doesn't happen very often

not very encouraging am i?

guess i'll go to bed
tomorrow is another day
more of the same


Nin said...

I read this 'thing'...

hang in there, am feeling much of the same things. not sure I'm doing as well with the peace thing though...

you don't have to have profound things to say to be encouraging...knowing that you're pulling through with the peace of God is encouraging enough for me.

carebear said...

aw, lani, im here all the time, i guess just lazy not to leave comments....
I know those days. the messy house, trying to shovel in that bleepin snow storm....
after caleb passed, all of us got sick, which meant we were on quarentine for a long while....being an EXtrovert...that was super hard. it will pass.
teach me how to bake bread soon! you are full of treasures lani, i am so so glad you are my sis.

i love how his mercies are new every morning, it's new day. that reminds me, when i have a crappy day, and the next day, i need a "pick me up, it's not going to be the same as yesterday" day...i actually put on new day dawning and me AND the kids blast that . (they love that song)
love ya

flowerlady said...

i think i will call you the encouragement sisters...cause that's what you are for me today. Thanks

New DAy Dawning is a good song isnt' it...

Camille said...


i was thinking of you on sunday when i didn't see you. and i really miss sam!! especially after reading your post. i told your hubby to say hi to him... hope he feels better soon. maybe one of these sundays i can take him for a bit!!!

Sonya said...

Do you need to be encouraging?!

Love you!

carebear said...

thank you so MUCH for your encouragement today.
so my kids won't be some illiterate bums on the street in 15 years?
they are somewhat normal??

love you, you guys were just what i need today.....