Friday, December 08, 2006

babies, ponchos and thanksgiving

more things to be thankful for:

1. A husband who loves me and is gorgeous to look at besides (believe it or not he thinks the same thing about me!)
2. A forgiving God who shows me my error and loves me anyway - like when I lose it and yell at my son - there is no excuse for that - but God, and my son both forgave me.
3. My new nephew - Sonya had a baby boy in the wee hours of this morning. Welcome to the world baby Joshua
4. Fabricland - the source of all my Christmas goodies so far.
5. On-line ideas for simple, creative, wonderful and inexpensive gifts - like the one I'll tell you about below.

NO-SEW PONCHO - this was an idea from frugalmommy, but I have Canadianized it and added in a few more ideas and sizes to make it my own!

Really and truly, this takes no sewing and looks fabulous. I wish I had pictures but I still don't own a digital camera (hint, hint). I made seven of these in about 1 hour!

1 m of lovely fleece (on sale right now at Fabricland) - this will make 2 30x30 fleece ponchos
a pair of scissors
a measuring device

1. Fold the fabric in half and cut.
2. Trim to make it exactly 30" x 30" for a younger girl (K- gr 4 age or so) for toddlers - 27" x 27" for baby girl 20" x 20" is good (note: if you're making them for babies you can get more ponchos out of one meter of fabric.
3. Fold fleece diagonally.
4. Find the center by folding diagonally again (mark center with a pin)
5. Unfold one fold so that the fleece is still folded once.
6. Mark 2.5" on either side of your center pin (a little less for baby size)
7. Cut a semi-circle from outer pin to outer pin - you may want to use a small bowl or cut out a semi-circle from paper to have something to cut around.
8. Personalize your poncho:
a. cut a fringe around the edge
b. cut a fringe around the edge, slide a bead on and knot it
c. cut a fringe around the edge, knot the fringes
d. cut out a flower, heart, star or something other shape from another coordinating fabric and use fabric glue, Heat 'n' Bond, or sewing to add it to your poncho

That's it - so fun and so easy. My girls are gonna look so cute in their matching bright lime green ponchos!

Have a lovely day!

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