Wednesday, January 10, 2007

All kinds of bits and pieces for a blizzardy day

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Wow, have we got a blizzard going or what! There were times today when we could barely see across the street. All my family is safe and cozy with me here under one roof and for that I am thankful! Not all our friends are so of our friends' husband is stuck at Burger King for the night. The city is closed, no one is allowed out. People are stranded everywhere, it's quite something. I was glad to get home from work and then to see my precious girlie walk in the door with friends who decided to brave the weather.

Life is suddenly moving at a rapid pace. We're making decisions on where to live, when we'll move, what kind of crops we want to plant, what we'll move, what will stay here, what we will do with our house, how we'll educate our kids. It is all so HUGE!!!!!

Some bathroom jokes you can tell your kids (I made these up this morning, they're not really all that funny, but hey, I'll share them anyway!)

Be sure to get out of the tub before you pull the plug or you may feel a little drained!

Everytime I use the bathroom I feel so flushed!

Doing the dishes gives me such a sinking feeling!

AND my favorite blooper sign of the year: at FasGas on 20th street, "Give the gift of gas!"

Yes folks, cabin fever has set in and I am rambling on.

I am very blessed with things I have wanted for a long time coming my way in the last little while, the list includes but is not limited to:

1. My new sewing machine (a gift from my in-laws)
2. My new digital camera (a gift from my husband)
3. My french press coffee maker that is used exclusively for tea (a gift from my parents)
4. My not so new serger (my mom got a new one for Christmas so they fixed her old one and gave it to me)
5. The whole moving to a farm, my husband becoming a pastor and all that - beginning to get rather excited about it all - really and truly, a little bubble formed yesterday and it started to expand

Oh yeah, got tagged by Nathan over at Unedited Ravings for 5 things you probably don't know about me:

1. I pierced my ears (the second hole) myself with a big old darning needle and an ice cube.
2. I'm rather good at mimicking accents - to the point that some Texans didn't believe that I was from Canada and not Texas.
3. I've broken my nose twice.
4. I used to be a lifeguard and swimming instructor.
5. I have only worn a bikini once in my lifetime and will never do it again.

I'll tag anyone who wants to play


CWG said...

Man Being my work is community based I was out in that blizzard all day. It wasn't too bad in the morning but at 2:00 it hit hard. I was at my house and had to drive to Confed. It took us 1 hour to get there. There was one point where I was turning into an intersection and everything blanked out. It was a little eeery. Do you believe in the power of prayer? I do! Then I had to go get my kids from school who attend a school out of the city. That was nerve wracking. I did take circle drive (at 10 km/hour) It was crazy, I got to the intersection where I turn to go to my kids school and I didn't even see the lights. But we got home safe and sound. (thanks for praying)It is weird driving down the road with your passenger window down so you can watch the ditch so you don't become a part of it. At least I got a day off today for that. Looking forward to your advancment in life. (You should try the coffee in the coffee press, it is something else....yummy in fact. :)

carebear said...

wow darc! that would be crazy!
I didn't know that you....would pierce your own ears! ahhhh, bikini's....That's funny

It was nice to be with you on that crazy day. I can't believe we came to piano lessons! where were our heads! and joe was calling all the malls so he could get a hair cut!! sheesh. there's a flower in this flowerlady!!!! prolly has the word "stupidity" in there.... haha

Nin said...

yeah was real hard for me to respond to my sisterly worried "you probably should'nt go to piano" with a "'s Saskatchewan, and we're going to the mall after anyway" ahhh!!!!!
Anyways, that's crazy that you pierced your own ears! What a punk you are. :P I did that too, only with a blunt earring, and no ice cube. Can we say, freak?
I've never broken a bone. Does your nose look funny now after being broken twice?

Nin said...

that first sentence came out not making sense, the jist of it is, I said stay home, and she was like, lalala....

flowerlady said...

My nose is perfectly normal looking believe it or not...well, except for the big pimple that's on it at the moment...:(

A blunt earring - ouch...

coffee in my coffee've got to be kidding!

You were crazy to come but I'm glad you went and got my little girl for us. And, I was happy to see you!! (and your insane husband) hope he gets his haircut this week.

carebear said...

he looks like a shag! it's still not cut!! i sure hope it's done by the time we see you on wednesday!