Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The weekend of candidating has come and gone - hardly believable, but true. On Friday we weren't even sure we were able to go! Big girl's school called in the morning to tell us she had vomitted all over the place, so I ran to pick her up. Turns out she was the third one that morning (before 10). There were nine kids down in one other classroom. We were a little nervous that so we spent Friday afternoon disinfecting our house and cleaning toys. She only threw up one more time so we watched and waited...

Thanks to our big bubbler tub I just threw all the toys in there with hot water and a lot of disinfectent and turned on the bubbles. Very efficient way to clean. Not so great was when I heard splashing in the tub an hour or so after I had stuck them in there! I ran screaming to the bathroom to find the two little boys playing in there! I snatched them out, lathered them up and threw them in the shower! They were not impressed. But they were disinfected and suffered no permanent damage...I hope! (the screeching mother may require therapy)

So off we went on Saturday afternoon with tons of people praying. Sunday was a long day with preaching in the morning, meeting with council in the afternoon and then potluck with the congregation and youth event in the evening. All of it went incredibly well. The people there are a very warm and loving family and have already made us feel well cared for.

It was very strange pulling up to the farm house with the thought in our heads that soon this house and yard will be ours. We looked at everything with new eyes. On Monday we got to see the house that my husband's parents will be moving to. We were hoping to meet with the school but that didn't work out. We did however get a box number and Co-op number.

The strangest thing happened on our way back to the city. Normally as we enter the city I feel that wonderful sense of coming home. It didn't happen. What's stranger, my husband felt it, too and commented on it, before I did. The city has ceased to be home for us and it's a little hard to take. The house I live in is no longer home to me...but the house that I'm moving to isn't home yet either. I am stuck and feeling the loss keenly. So in a way, for awhile, I'm homeless...neither here nor there. Thank you Jesus that you said that this world isn't our home...we are bound for something much more permanent and wonderful than we can possibly imagine.

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