Monday, February 05, 2007

Good friend week

Have had such a good time with friends this week....

my Wednesday buddies - always wonderful - especially when you fold my laundry (you are too nice to me)
Friday night with the Schroeders - how much laughter was that - I will never take your jobs seriously ever again
Saturday - ladies craft retreat with tons of quilting buddies! I got so much done!!! but man was it cold - hope to get my before and after pics up soon - two beautiful quilts ready to rock and roll + an outfit for my girlie
Sunday - good food and good friends all day long - you guys rock
work out/dieting buddies - are we starting to look good or what? WHAT! (just kidding)


Camille said...

oh my!!! i seriously haven't laughed that hard in probably years! so amazingly funny!!! i am giggling right now actually.
we had a blast with you guys, skip-bo-ing it up...

ps i have to book pseudo child sometime soon!!

Camille said...

oh and i forgot to mention you are looking awesome... i can notice a difference! :)

carebear said...

twas fun