Saturday, February 17, 2007

reporting in

Haven't posted in awhile so I thought I'd report in and let y'all in on the goings on around here.

1. We are officially an associate pastor couple to a delightful church close to nowhere!
2. We just got back from holidays sans kids - well, we had the wee one with us, but she's so darn cute you hardly notice her except for her crying in the middle of the night. Didn't manage to catch up on a lot of sleep.
3. We just had our 15th anniversary of getting engaged! WOW!
4. My eldest boy put the wrong eye drops in after an allergy attack and had no central vision for almost a week, poor guy - at least he had a good excuse for not doing his school work while we were away.

5. We took the first load of stuff to our new house.
6. Got sick on holidays - just look what happens when you actually turn off your adrenal glands.
7. CArebear's baby turned on her own! So excited about that!
8. Wrote a lengthy comment on CArebear's blog but that darn Beta blogger thingy wouldn't let me comment, so annonying. So friend, if you want the nutshell version on the birthing stories you'll have to get them in person.

9. STill can't get my links to show up on this silly thing...
10. All my wonderful kidlets are sleeping over in our room tonite, they kinda missed us, I guess! I sure missed them. Happy to be back, surrounded by those I love the most!

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Carebear and firestarter said...

I've had my share of frustrations with blogger these days too....

You have lots of birth stories! 5 of them to be exact! I've heard a few of them in person, but would Love to hear them again.

I can't believe all that's happeneing in your life! it's so amazing, shocking, sad and happy. I can't beleive you've had a 15th anniversary!
I am very looking forward to driving out to your new farm, hanging out, escaping the city and all it's pressures...rememeber ev and weldon loewen? we used to go up there to hague and do that, it was such a blessing. i saw her at the convention and they are coming back. They are going to buy an acridge right by hague again. it's kinda weird how she got me started on the whole homeschool thing....

well, better get some practicsing in for piano before we come see your teacher hubby! The plugs haven't been working downstairs since noah moved his room there, joe got them working today, so he got a bit of practicsing in tonight....