Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pink Things

This is the "before" shot.
and here is the after. Pink and green and pretty!! Actually the lighter green paint is the same as it was before, it didn't match for the first two coats of light pink, but after the third was a perfect match! The rest of the walls are the light pink on top...these are the closet doors.
Princess Peanut in her sister's pink chair, holding her sister's pink purse, wearing her pink shirt! Waiting for mommy to make her this!!
I found pink John Deere fabric yesterday! How good is that! I'm making that little shirt and capri pants with brown and pink stuff! Should be cute for my cute peanut!!
Too bad she doesn't have that much hair! Though bald is much easier to care for, I must say!


Camille said...

oh my!! she is big!! a big girl... BOOOOOOOOOOOOO i don't want her to get big! i miss you guys tons!

Sonya said...

Boy, John Deere is expanding! Congrats on getting those closet doors done. Nice detail shots.