Monday, July 09, 2007

Family Fantastic Camp

Tea I'm drinking: Lemon Spice with a bit of honey
Music I'm listening to: The song of a peaceful house (big boys are at camp, little ones are watching a movie, baby is sleeping, the dryer and washer are doing their jobs and the wind is singing in the trees to accompany the birds).

I'm in the midst of baking an insane amount of foccacia bread, italian cheese bread and plain cheese bread. Believe it or not these are mostly my own recipes (except the spice blend for the foccacia - I used Epicure's blend, but now I'm out so I'll have to make it up). I love baking bread, it's one of the things I'm really good at in the kitchen and today is cool enough to allow for baking in a big way! We have a big family to-do coming up next week and I'm on for the herb bread.

We had a wonderful weekend at family camp. Here is where we went. It was a smallish affair with only 7 families in attendance and that was very nice. They had their counselling staff on hand to assist us with our kids which was lovely. We went down the zip line (that thing is almost a 1/4 of a mile long), climbed walls, swam alot and ate wonderful food. The kids played games, caught crayfish, frogs and tadpoles in the creek and got nice and brown. On Saturday night they fed the kids early, took them off to play and prepared a banquet for the parents. WOW!! They sure know how to put on a spread complete with decorations, lovely music and deserts that were amazing. We also had a speaker, campfires and a hay ride. All of this for only $250! What a steal of a deal. We plan to bring as many families as we can convince to come next year, your extra special deal is that we are the speakers next year - what a bonus for you!

Gotta go mix up some more bread....I'll be back, I have much for to say today.

I'm back, my oh my, does that bread smell good! I also got to re-acquaint myself with a gal I went to Bible school with. That was an extra bonus. The two big boys stayed behind for a week of Junior Camp, hope they have fun. Here are some pics of our weekend...

So good to have a pool available when the temperature hit 39 degrees! (that's almost 100 in Farenheit). I got the bonus of driving into Saskatoon (a 6 hour round trip) in my air conditioned vehicle for the worst part of that day to pick up my long lost girlie and my boys' friend. So good to see her again after a 10 day separation.

The view from the top of the zip line! Very intimidating the first time you go down...and every time after for that.

Getting ready to head out on the hay ride to Lake Wannabea and beyond...

One of the fine young ladies who helped us with our kids and who also happens to be one of our youth group. For S and S, she was the best part of camp.

Kelly's birthday happened to be on Saturday and the other young lady's birthday was the day before so the staff sang a rousing rendition of something-or-other that resembled a birthday kind of greeting.

My littlest man atop a very big horse. I'm actually glad I wasn't there to see that. I think the horses scare me more than the zip line did.

The fraidy-cat brothers fight their fear and head to the zip line...way to go guys! I am so proud of you...they even had fun on the 'creepy' zip line.
Note to CWG and wife: EJ is a happy clam and has an excellent I signed off on his medical form and left our name as a contact if they couldn't get hold of you.

Here's my monkey girl on the climbing wall (tilt your head to the left to get a better idea of what she's doing). She totally loved the wall and did it 5 times in a row...that's all they'd let her do.

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Andrea said...

I'm so glad you're into blogging - it'll be fun to keep in touch that way. And it will be fun to have you as the speakers for next year. Very cool!

And you have my taste buds flowing - your own recipes!?!?! That's way out on a limb for me.