Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What to write?

It's a good thing there were some comments on here today, I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself today thinking no one reads this anyway so why do I bother?

Lucky you! Because of a few comments I am encouraged to continue. With what?

I don't know...I wanted to post the picture of boy #2 in the hammock he made (with a little help) with his big cheesy grin on his face...but my batteries are dead in my camera...

I have a flower running around in my head about giving of what we have freely because the source doesn't run out, but I never seem to get here when the thoughts are running in the right direction.

I could write about the funky smell I'm smellin' but am not quite sure what it is or if I want to know!

I could write about how stinkin' hot it is.

I could write that we're heading to family camp soon and very soon...kinda exciting.

I could make a post like Care Bear's about where we were a year ago....now that would be interesting!

- we had a three month old baby that was supposed to be only 2 months old.
- Now we have a delightful 16 month old baby who is cute as can be!
- I probably weighed the same as I do now - sad to say...and I don't have a scale so I can't tell ya how much that was...nor do I want to know.
- I had two dogs...now those two dogs are gone and I have a new one plus 4 cats
- I lived in the city in a big, beautiful house
- Now I live on a farm in a big, beautiful house
- We ran our own business from our home
- now we run our own business from our home, but it's a farm
- We had no regular income other than the goverment payments for child tax, etc.
- Now we have a regular income and that's a nice thing
- I was getting ready to home school our 2 oldest boys
- Now I am getting ready to home school our oldest girl and the boys will be going to school in town
- We were getting ready to stay at the farm for harvest - time with the distant possibility of moving here in the future
- Here we are, lock, stock and barrel!
- My husband didn't have any specific minsitry that he was involved in
- Now he is the associate pastor with a focus on youth in his home church - didn't see that one comin'

That's all for now, I'm tired and I want to go to bed.


Carebear and Firestarter said...

wow! miss you too!
I read your blog, sorry, I should comment when I do...

Yes, lots can change in a year. it was good to reflect. and yours was as life changing as mine!!
I went to see caleb tonight. mosquitos were super bad, so i sat in the van looking over his site (next time must bring bug spray so i can really BE there...)

When can we come out to see you!!???????
if it's going to be during this heat wave, do you have a water supply to keep cool? sprinklers? pool, slip and slide???

Nin said...

party at the Weins's? I'd be there...

flowerlady said...

How about the 15th. Our services are early during the summer 9:45 - 11:00. We have lots of watery things ta do! We want to stick a huge piece of plastic on the hillside and see if we can make our own waterslide!! Other than that, sprinklers and hoses and a trampoline and a cool basement....

jillarae said...

I had better comment too. I was going to email you today, but I'll leave my message here.

I saw your beautiful Abby today! Deklan is attending Fet du Soliel, and when I signed him out at day's end, I saw "Abby Wiens" (V and W being so close in the alphabet and all!)

Lo and behold, I saw and said hi to Marie, and then commented on the fabulous new window in Abby's mouth!

How neat that our kids are at the same camp...