Friday, June 29, 2007

Ode to my First Born

My oldest son is 11 years old today. 11 years ago today at this time I was recovering from the shock of having a baby and falling in love with the tiny miracle that was our son. The doctors had told us we'd probably never have kids, don't get your hopes up and all that. After a successful surgery we found ourselves with the incredible news that we would finally be parents. Josiah Daniel John has been such a joy to raise. While he is not perfect he is a mighty fine son.

He is caring and compassionate towards his younger siblings.

He loves to cuddle and play with his baby sister.

He has an incredible ability to picture something in his head and then build it out of Lego, K'nex or Bionicle parts and now, sometimes wood.

He loves to play imaginative games.

He has studied hard this year at our homeschool table and is holding a 93% average.

He is a handsome lad.

He is fun to be around.

He is polite and gracious (most of the time).

He is kind to younger children, taking time to play with them and include them when we are visiting or have visitors.

He is honest in his faith walk, not simply spouting answers to try and please us but thinking and deciding what is true at this point in his life.
He still gives me hugs every night before he goes to bed, and some random ones, just because!

I could go on for a very long time telling you about my wonderful son. Today he is off with his dad and brother in the city playing Battle for Middle Earth as a birthday treat. I love you Josiah and thank God every day for you, I couldn't have imagined a better first born. Have a great birthday!


Nin said...

what sweet words from a proud mommy. I didn't know his middle name was Daniel :)
I hope he had an awesome bday!

Sonya said...

Tears in eyes. That is so wonderful to hear expressed. Makes me proud as an auntie and wishing I knew him better!