Monday, June 04, 2007

5 senses for Get Real Monday

Randi at I Have To Say always has "Get Real Monday" I'm usually not together enough to participate, but this time I think I can do it! The theme for today is the 5 senses...
I got to FEEL and SEE plenty of lovely fabrics this weekend since we were in the city. These are the ones that came home with me...some for quilting, some for garments...I'm looking forward to playing with all of them! The big pieces are (L to R) sundress for my big girl, shirts for me (the middle two) and backing for a quilt for my newest niece that my big girl and I are making together. Pictures of that when it's closer to finished.

We were in the city for our big girl's ballet she is in her owl costume, looking so very pretty. This would come under the SEE and HEAR well as the FEEL for the proud mommy and daddy watching their little girl.
This is mommy FEELing the pain in her head that stayed there all weekend long - and princess peanut TASTEing a block! and possibly SMELLING a not-so-pretty diaper!
I got to SEE and HEAR princess peanut crash over in that little stroller just after I took that picture, big brother leaned on the handle a little too far and she wiggle a little too much...they were having so much fun just before that...this was at Grandma F's house.
TASTE ing burgers over at our friends before we head home. Also got to taste some absolutely delicious pork chops at my momma's house and some lovely munchies at a baby shower. A VERY full weekend.


Rachel said...

Very cute post! I also liked the one before it. Such words of wisdom!

Jodi said...

What adorable little ones you have! And your big girl in her owl costume is beautiful. Sounds like a busy, but fun, weekend. :o)

Randi said...

This is a sweet post, your little ones are adorable! Poor baby, falling out of her stroller!

Sunydazy said...

I like the way you worded your post...very fun! Seems like a full but rewarding weekend!

flowerlady said...

thanks for dropping by! I hope I can come visit your sights sometime soon!

ps - baby didn't actually get hurt, just scared her real good.