Monday, June 11, 2007


I'm back after a wonderful weekend. I switched the computer off for the weekend, it was nice to not have it going for awhile.

Highlights from this weekend (and week):

- finishing the John Deere outfit and a wonderful sundress for by big girl. That sundress took me only 45 minutes from start to finish, I couldn't believe it! Unfortunately I forgot the rules at our school and she ended up having to wear her sweater all day. Pictures coming up later.

- weeding the garden with all my kids working together - it's handing having a lot of kids

- buying flowers and putting them in

- the lovely rain

- watching Pirates of the Caribbean #1 again - love that movie, why I don't know, just do

- our Sunday School picnic yesterday. How much fun was that! My pastor husband and his youth team led the service and did an amazing job (their first go at this kind of thing). Then a lovely picnic lunch. Then, the Zip-Line! Yup I went down that thing (it is the longest one in Canada!) The little push off the platform was a bit nerver-wracking but it was fun to fly for just a little while. Then the climbing wall, my fingers are still a little stiff. Much laughter and fun with the brethren - what a wonderful family we've been given out here in the country. The youth adopting our kids and loving on them so we were free to enjoy our day. A bit of a sunburn but not too bad. Slushies on the way home at the Hilltop Cafe.

- my husband home after being gone for three days.

- being invited out for supper with all my kids in tow.

- having a crafty night with a friend

-planning for more crafty nights

- working with my 7 year old girl - I think I shall call her Crafty Girl from now on - on a quilt she designed for her new cousin

It was a wonderful weekend. It truly was.


forgiven4this said...

Sounds like it truly was..... i am so blessed to hear that your husband is now a pastor...Amen to that! Thanks so much for sharing!


Sunydazy said...

Oh my! It sounds like a glorious weekend!