Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Q and A

Q: Where have all the flowers gone?

A: All I wanted was to have the little music box that plays when you come here and I couldn't have it without going with blogger' s updated, supposedly simple layout design. Was that really worth the ensuing hassle...I'm not sure, let me know.

ps: if you look closely at the brown background, it's all flowers! that's at least a happy thought...and the template is called Scribe, which appeals to a wanna-be writer like me!

Q: Why are there multiple links to the same person?

A: I like them's kind of my own little rating system for how how much much I I like like your your blog blog. OK, honestly, I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!! I only entered them once, really I did....I was so happy they actually showed up this time I haven't worried too much about the multiplicity. If yours still isn't there, don't worry, it will show up eventually....possibly in triplicate!

Q: Why have the music box at the top of the sidebar, it's kinda ugly and should be at the bottom don't ya think?

A: Absolutely. This, too, is a unique feature of the 'very simple to use' click and drag new layout format..............that doesn't work for me!!!! Add all the elements you want it says....but risk losing your links or other items because you picked too many...they don't tell you that part.

Q: Are you a little bitter about the new layout format?

A: Possibly. I may have to seek blogger counselling or something.

Q: Has any good been done here?

A: I have pretty music that plays and it kept me up long enough to check on my sick girl one more time to find out that her fever had soared once again near the 40 degree mark (for the Americans, that's over 100).


forgiven4this said...

Aww trouble in blogger land..I hear yeah... thanks for sharing those Q&A loved them alot lol....

Sonya said...

too bad i have no sound card on this computer!