Tuesday, June 12, 2007

John Deer

We had a lovely gift from the Father yesterday. A doe and her fawn came across our yard at the bottom of the hill about mid-afternoon. The little one was so unsteady on his feet we're sure he must have been only a day or two old. The doe got scared off and that little one dropped to the grass and stayed there until his mama came back for him later in the evening. We enjoyed taking a close up look (and a few pictures) of the precious thing. We named him John of course!! The little fellow didn't fret, just stayed as still as could be waiting for his mommy. What a treat!


Nan said...

How sweet and adorable! I would have had the terrible urge to pet him... of course I wouldn't have but the little girl in me would want to!

flowerlady said...

yeah, it was all we could do not to pet him, but then I realized I really didn't need another wild animal to raise!! Thanks for coming by.