Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Observations from the farm

I should be making a poster for the Fun'N'Games night the youth are hosting on Oct 31 but am I? No, cause I'm tired and I want to go to bed but instead I'm cruising the world of my blogging buddies and enjoying this piece of my world. Blogging is so much more friendly than Facebook don't you think. The funnest thing about Facebook is playing Scrabble on-line - 7 games at a time!! No one to mess up the board, no one breathing down your neck to think! AND if you stink in one game, you're probably doing okay in another. My personal best - KLUTZ for 105 points!!!

Anyway, I actually came to post because I wanted to just say how much I enjoy homeschool AND public school. My kids are doing so well this year where they are. This evening I got to see Chris do math in his head (he has a severe learning disability, this is a major accomplishment). He has scored 75% and 76% on recent tests in science and social studies at his grade level, the school provided a scribe for him to either read questions, write answers or give him the spelling help that he needed to complete the tests. We are so thrilled for him, I'm afraid that success would most likely NOT be happening at home if I was his teacher.

On the other hand, my girl is doing fabulously well. She is so fun to work with. She catches on quickly, enjoys things I enjoy and we have a lot of fun together. She is doing well working on her own or with me. She is learning to sew, taking intiative in projects and cruising along at a good speed on all levels. She watched Anne of Green Gables for the first time this weekend and she is in love! I'm so happy. I had just started reading the book with her and the next day the babysitter brings the movie. How cool is that!

Another observation that I made this week. The reason city folk think we farmers are rich is because when we actually do get to the city we come in our good clothes with hair and make-up in place. We drop serious coin at the check-out because we buy everything at once rather than picking up a couple of things here and there. We have to get things when we're in town whether they're on sale or not because we don't know when we'll get back to the city again. That's my theory anyway. It is such a different way of shopping and spending money. It makes us look like we're rich but we're just like everyone else. Really.


CWG said...

You are rich in so many ways....stinkin rich :) and just think, your buddies from S'toon can 'bring' you goodies from the city. Man I miss you guys. This is what blogging is for....keeping in touch with distance, not that a steeping cup of tea together wouldn't be better. (Yes I said tea)

flowerlady said...

Never be ashamed to drink tea!!! :)