Wednesday, November 07, 2007

fresh flowers for November 7

a fresh flowers original
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Our youngest son has had a life long love affair with his daddy. He can't stand it when daddy leaves. He can't wait until daddy comes home. When he hears his daddy at the door he drops everything and runs to meet him with smiles, hugs and kisses. When daddy is leaving there are many hugs and kisses and often tears. Recently I mentioned to him that I had heard daddy drive into the lower part of our yard to load grain. I don't think that I finished the sentence before his active little brain put 'daddy' and 'yard' together and he took off running. He didn't stop for a jacket or shoes, he was single-minded in his purpose, he needed to see his daddy, feel his strong arms around him and be in his presence. This little boy's desire for his dad extends to his sleeping routines. If he knows that his daddy is in the house he makes his way to our bedroom at about 5:00 AM, crawls in beside his daddy and goes back to sleep, that, according to him is his spot.

I have to admit that my passion and excitement for my saviour is not as zealous as my son's is for his daddy, but oh I long for it to be that. My son's love is pure, unfettered, abandoned. He is secure in his position in his daddy's heart. He never questions his daddy's love for him. Even when he has been disciplined and daddy turns into "the meanest daddy ever", it is only for a moment, his mad disapates and he must be near daddy once again. It never stops him from seeking his daddy in the dark of night when his soul is lonely and needing warmth.

This is the warm, pulsing breath of first love. The driving need to be near, the leave-your-jacket-and-shoes behind kind of love that does not require the warmth of something external. I am praying for that awakening in my spirit. I want my soul to reverbrate with the realization that my daddy is near and I must get to him, now! Passion. Abandon. Security. Warmth. This is what I crave in my relationship with my God. How about you?

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Princess Warrior said...

WOW, to have a love like that will be grand.