Sunday, November 18, 2007


There's nothing like doing things with a running start. We just got back from holidays. Before we left we were running like crazy to get ready, hosting meetings, youth events, packing and farm work. We took the flying leap up and over the hurdle and hung in mid air for a wonderful week of relaxing and playing with our kids and extended family, we had a fabulous time. Then the pause button got pushed again and we had to come back to earth. We drove into our garage at 5:30 PM, unloaded the kids and some of the stuff, waited for the babysitter, changed our clothes and put some make-up on and headed out again at 6:00 PM to go to the fundraiser banquet for the missions trip we're going on in February. This morning we were back in the saddle teaching Sunday School. This is a crazy life. We have two huge events coming this week with the youth group and then there's all the Christmas preparations to attend to. So....if you happen to read this, would you mind breathing for me, cause I'm not sure I'll get the chance.

NOTE TO SELF: It is worth every penny to have a cleaning person come in and tend to your home while you are away. Walking into a clean house after vacation is a little bit of heaven!


Nin said...

aw! I hope you're breathing now!
I can't stand how busy things get around Christmas time. I keep thinking it should be a time to relax and be with family, pour into those who don't know Christ. But I find we all just run around like crazy! And not that we're not doing missional work within that running around....I just wish it was more calm, less chaotic.
I'm glad you came home to a clean house. While I'm not sure I have the quantity of family members to justify hiring cleaning, I DO LOVE coming home to a clean house after being away. I try and clean before I start packing, then tidy again just before we leave the house. There have been times I've come home to a mess, and I walk in and it's like.....oh yeah......crap.

Carebear and Firestarter said...

i don't know how you do it girl....phew, i'm out of breath for you!