Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sometimes Truth is a Bossy Big Sister

I love my big sister, I really do, but have you ever noticed that older sisters tend to be just a little on the bossy side.  I know I had to remind my older sister that she wasn't my mother on several occasions.  There was only one problem with her telling me what to do, usually it was because my mother had given her the instructions and she was the relay medium.  Then there is the smallish fact that she is older and wiser, supposedly.  If I knew what was good for me I would listen to her otherwise I caught it from mom when she got home from work.

Now I am raising my very own older sister, not my own sister, but one that exists as a girl that is older than her brothers...you get what I mean.  So the other day I had given instructions to my children that they were to go to their aunt's house after school UNLESS there was a change of plans at which point they would be given that change by the school office.  Life being what it is, plans changed, I called the school and they came home.  Later that week the same scenario needed to repeat itself.  I wasn't home and so my sister-in-law called our house and gave the change of plans to my oldest daughter, the boys were to go home on the bus, practice was cancelled due to rain and she was substitute teaching in the next town, she would not be home.  Big sister told the little brothers but then there was a glitch.

Older cousin stepped in.  Older cousin really wanted the boys to come over after school even though he knew his mom wasn't going to be home and practice was cancelled.  So he lied and convinced them to disregard the nagging older sister who insisted she had the truth and they gleefully followed his lead, because they wanted to.  When my sister-in-law got home there were my boys, she was not impressed.  The two of us unraveled the story post-mortem and found out what had happened.

This is, unfortunately, how we live our lives quite often.  Truth is standing there with it's hands on it's hips giving us 'that' look like an bossy older sister and along comes an attractive lie that suits far better with what our sniveling, selfish flesh would rather do.  We push off the Truth and link arms with that attractive liar and head off into our own demise.  How important it is to know the Truth, it will set us free, will lead us into right living and give us life.   If we know what's good for us we'll listen and heed the instruction, because when we stand before the throne we won't have anyone to point a finger at except ourselves.

My older sister had no intention of making my life miserable, I think.  In fact, she was pretty nice to be with most of the time.  It also wasn't her fault that she happened to be born first and had been given this responsibility.  The truth was that she was just doing what she had been told to do.  Truth is truth and there is no getting around that, it is simply being what it is - Truth and it can only be ignored to our own detriment.  Let Truth sing the song that's been given her to sing, she wants to guide you into more Truth, Life and Beauty.  Heed her instructions and you will live.

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