Sunday, June 26, 2011

not the Sunday we expected

Today did not go as we planned.  We woke up this morning and got ready to head into worship team practice.  Got the six kids out the door with everyone actually having eaten at least something before we left.  Got through practice and most of Sunday School when the word came...a little boy is missing at the lake we need searchers.  More than half the church left to join the search and the rest of us stayed to pray, worship the God who is in charge and to remind ourselves to give thanks even in the dark times.

Instead of having the birthday party we planned for today, we made sandwiches and brewed coffee to send to the searchers.  And we waited for news, tried to distract the kids who don't know what to do with the trauma of their buddy having disappeared.  We were going to have a picnic at the lake today and play ball, they're disappointed that this isn't happening just as much they are disappointed their friend is in trouble.  Their young minds don't differentiate between the two.

And we waited.

Finally, my husband drives up with two of the kids who were searching, bedraggled, tired, cold and hurting both in body and spirit....there is still no news.

We make supper...and wait.

Let the birthday boys open their presents in a very unenthusiastic party atmosphere.  It's time to head home, get the little ones to sleep, try to help the older ones study for exams tomorrow.  Tired brains are not taking in any information, they finally go to bed with prayers and kisses...still hoping for good news.

And we waited.

Finally the call comes and it isn't what we hoped for.  This little soul is no longer with this world.  In the morning I have to tell them their friend is dead.  We are supposed to go on a field trip tomorrow, there are supposed to be exams and learning and fun tomorrow and the rest of the week because summer is finally here.  But we are silent and wondering how our life gets to keep going when this one has stopped.

Where do we find the beautiful in all this ugly.  All I can think of is a Sunday morning a long time ago when some women went to the tomb where their friend was buried...but he was gone and they saw the glory of the resurrection.  I know where this little lamb is.  Last year he gave his heart to Jesus during VBS, I got to give him his first Bible, he was so excited.  Now he gets to live it and breathe it and touch it.

Lord, help us with all this...

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