Saturday, September 03, 2011

1132-1159 gifts

1132.  an abundance of apples
1133.  a great cup of chai tea
1134.  laughing and telling jokes with a couple of girls who dropped in for supper
1135.  finding a great day planner
1136.  an amazing group of young people whom I love that I have the privilege of ministering to and with
1137  dear friends who gathered with me to celebrate
1138.  making cards, I love paper and ribbons and buttons and stuff
1139.  getting back into a groove
1140.  my tomato press that works just as well for apples
1141.  my husband, he's so much more than a gift
1142.  a beautiful wedding to remember
1143.  little girls who love to go to school
1144.  the perfect 'schoolgirl' skirt, that was a fun find
1145.  lovely shoes for only $4
1146.  cleaning a room and finishing
1147.  a balanced breakfast
1148.  a good movie discovery that has no killing, blowing things up, weird robots, 
or things that shouldn't be talking
1149.  cooler weather
1150.  grace in the midst of loss

Needed to write down a few gifts to keep from getting discouraged by the hailstorms that have plagued us this week.  It's been a hard gift to accept but one we recognize is from His hand, 'the rains fall on the righteous and the unrighteous'.

1151.  the oats were already wet when the second hail storm came so not as much damage
1152 - 1159.  I still have a roof over my head and a husband who loves me and healthy children, friends and family near by, the love of my Father and the promise of I really need anything more?

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