Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011 (1247)

It's Christmas day in the evening.  Yesterday I was feeling pretty stressed.  Our #2 boy was really down in the dumps and that made everyone a little testy.  I finally figured out why though.  The day before yesterday (the 23rd) was the day we brought him home for good 11 years ago.  We celebrated really big (thanks to some generous folks in our congregation) and told him the story of how he came to be with us.  It's not that he hasn't heard it before but that day he picked up on something that he hadn't noticed before.  His birthmom has visitation privileges... and she's never exercised them - this is a bitter pill for him.

He has been very concerned for his birth-parents spiritual welfare lately and now he finds out that she could see him and hasn't - he's mad.  All those little rejection buttons got pushed in a brand new way and he's struggling.

I'm not sure why I'm writing about this tonite, we've had a most wonderful day.  For a change everyone was very satisfied and thankful for the gifts given them.  No one was jealous and comparing with one another.  My husband showered me with wonderful gifts.  We got to visit with family and give gifts to Jesus at the nursing home many wonderful pieces of today...

(1231 - 1247)
knock, knock jokes
looking through the snow to help find lost gifts that fell
no fighting all day
thankful children
beautiful sunset
precious elderly ones who smile as we sing
singing with my husband's family (they're really good at harmony)
giving gifts that are received joyfully
a wonderful brunch made together with my mom and kids
letting our son drive us for the first time
older brother saying, "let's go play" to his little brother
big sister painting little sister's toes
christmas carols
the generosity of my husband
children excited to give

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