Tuesday, December 27, 2011


8 years ago at 8:08 in the evening I gave birth to an 8lb8oz baby boy.  The first few weeks with him were a little intense...okay, actually all 8 years have been a little intense because he is an intense kind of kid!  On the other hand he is the sweetest little boy with no teeth that I could ask for.  The following are 8 things I love about my 8 year old boy.

1.  He has the most generous spirit - he loves giving gifts just like his daddy.
2.  I love his sweet face - he is just so cute with those big blue eyes and white blonde hair, he's hard to resist.
3.  He is a great leader.
4.  He is a wonderful encourager (he is always the first one to say, "Mommy you're so beautiful" or some other such thing when I get dressed up or get my hair done.
5.  He is a very funny guy, always has been - with his funny face and goofy antics.
6.  Your smile is always just around the corner.
7.  He is super creative - loves building with lego and bionicles!
8.  He is a thankful kind of guy - expressing his gratitude regularly.

I love you Sasha Price Kellan, you are such a gift to us!

Using dad's welding helmet to be a Star Wars dude!  (He is a total Star Wars nut)

On other days he might be a cowboy!  Good thing that horse can't get away!

Happy Birthday 3 year old boy!  Always sharing birthday parties with Christmas events!

4 years old!

There's that translucent hair!

Having fun at Grandma's house!

At graduation with the new glasses!

From birthday #6, when we went to Colorado!  Nice face buddy!

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