Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Smiles

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine's Day.  20 years ago today my husband asked me to marry him and I said yes.  We make a big deal out of the day, not so much for our kids but for each other!  This morning as we were starting today and I looked around my crazy bunch I couldn't help but smile and realize how blessed we are.  It's hard to believe that 20 years have gone by since that wonderful day that I said I would commit to him.

20 things that make me smile

1.  Kelly, I'm still happy to be stuck with you...
2.  Josiah - I love you, my big froot loop! :)
3.  Christopher - you are so "dash"-ing
4.  Abby - my "soft" girl
5.  Samuel - you do loud so well
6.  Sasha - I'm so glad you asked me to be your valentine today
7.  Elizabeth - my peanut princess, I love you
8.  the 10 days of Valentine's - our own private tradition, so much fun
9.  the perfect excuse to eat chocolate
10.  a wonderful time to give sentimental mushy notes, cards and lists like this!
11.  a happy, laughter filled breakfast (it's so much nicer when mommy isnt' grumpy)
12.  sugar-loaded breakfast
13.  hazelnut edible oil products that actually make coffee palatable (that one's for you Bill, yes, I had coffee for breakfast this morning)
14.  the much better tasting Honeybee Yerbe Matte tea that followed
15.  laughter, I love to laugh with my kids
16.  pictures - Chris and I took a little run through family history last night, such a good reminder of fun times as a family
17.  real, honest, to goodness hand-written letters, got one last week and I was so blessed!
18.  e-mails from people you've never met in person but feel like friends because somehow your spirit connects over the distance.
19.  I know I mentioned him right off the bat but my honey makes me smile in so many ways I probably can't count them...
20.  My Jesus who made all these things possible.  I give you my heart, this day and every day....

Now...to the dishes....

There's an extra smile.  My poor Sasha has terrible eczema on his hands, with our dishwasher broken down I assigned each of the kids a dish-washing day not thinking how that might affect him.  We were in class last night when he phoned to tell me he couldn't get to sleep because his hands hurt so bad.  My sweet little boy washed all the day's dishes without complaining and was so proud of himself and it didn't dawn on this mommy that she had done him such a disservice.  As I went to wash the dishes after the class I realized why his hands were so sore...water and soap are the worst things you can do for eczema and I subjected him to that.  He didn't complain other than to say that his hands really hurt.  I felt so bad! :(  He's officially off dish-washing duty until his hands heal!  However, he blessed my heart with his sweet attitude and willingness to do the job anyway.  That was a beautiful Valentine's day gift.

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