Friday, March 16, 2012

You are Worthwhile (and a little bit of funny)

I need to be doing a lot of other things besides writing right now, but I need to clear my head a little and focus for a moment or two.  Have you ever noticed how the things you are thankful for aren't necessarily the things that the next person is thankful for?  We are all wired so very differently, each one of us has a different perspective and a different voice and a different circle of influence that God designed for us to be in.  I may not have the same writing style as the next writer, my voice sounds different than the person singing next to me...that does not de-value my voice or make the words I write less worthy of being read.  It's a miracle really...there are new songs being written every day, new books published every day with new insight and people who may read what I wrote but will not even consider what another had to say about the same subject.

It's not that different than teachers I suppose.  Have you ever noticed you can learn from one person and not another.  One student raves about the teacher and the next can't understand a thing and is frustrated beyond belief.  I witnessed that phenomenon at my kitchen table yesterday as my husband tutored a young lady in math.  She couldn't understand it in class, but he presented it in a way that made sense to her and voila! learning happens.

We are such wonderfully complex creatures, each with a different set of gifts and talents to share with the world.  Don't let anyone tell you and by all means don't tell yourself that what you write/create/craft/sing/_________(fill in the blank) is not good enough because it doesn't look/sound/feel like that person's over there.

I'm not exactly sure where this post is stemming from today but I felt a need to write that for someone, perhaps myself, to encourage you today in whatever dream that is being woven in your heart just now.  It's okay to be you (or me)!  Live fully the life God has designed for you.

And now for a bit of funny...
There were rumors of discontent floating around my supper table last night and so I encouraged my children to think of some things to be thankful for since it is difficult to grumble and be thankful at the same time.  My eldest son who is almost 16 pipes up and says..."I thankful for flatulation", my lovely daughter gets on the bandwagon and says, "and defecation" and another son, "how about urination".  While gales of laughter abound I cannot say not to be thankful for so basic of bodily quote Shrek, "Better out than in!"  Later on that evening as we're getting ready for bed my husband informs me that there are other much more pleasant bodily functions that he could have mentioned but thought better of it!  This is my family, like it or lump it! :)

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Marcy said...

Your words ministered to me and are SO true!

About the funny: Very funny indeed! That sounds like my table talk. LOL