Saturday, April 14, 2012

Confessions of an Undisciplined Ninny

That would be me...the undisciplined ninny.  I have a terrible time with routines, schedules, budgets and programs of any kind that involve, well, just doing them day after day.  I don't particularly like that aspect of my character.  Part of it comes from being rather right-brained (AKA - creative, artsy type) and part of it comes from sheer laziness!

I love making lists and checking them off.  I love buying organizational tools and such lovely things as boxes and bins and things.  However, I get somewhat squeamish when I actually have to commit to using them in a particular way.

I really do want to be organized and clutter-free...and I'd like to make the 1001 ideas that are floating in my head at any given time!  I know, I know all you left-brained people are saying, "If you made a routine and stuck to it you'd have more time to do the things you love!"  I am well aware of the theory, I've read it all, I just have a hard time doing it more than a couple of weeks.

So I'm thinking I should commit myself to a public challenge, something here on my blog...I'm just not sure what.  Any good ideas?

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